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Professor Paolo Galli
is considered one of the most influential
scientists in the industry of plastic materials
and related technology.

He is one of the most successful figures in the
opening of new frontiers in the polymer
science and applications in the last 50 years.
Professor Paolo Galli is considered one of the most influential scientists in the industry of plastic materials and related technology.

He is one of the most successful figures in the opening of new frontiers in the polymer science and applications in the last 50 years.
Following are some quotes/publications attesting Professor Galli's achievements:

A) Science and Technology
1. Polymer News, 1999, Vol.24, pp.87-101; "Personalities in Polymer Science": "Few personalities have influenced polymer technology and science to the extent as has Paolo Galli.
He is one of the most successful scientists and businessmen in polyolefins, and, he is in addition, the acknowledged leader in polypropylene . Under his guidance and imagination entirely new processes and products were invented, developed and produced."

2. "BREACKTHROUGHS! - How Leadership and Drive Create Commercial Innovations that Sweep the Word." By Nayak and Ketteringham, rawson Ass:  New York, London, Amsterdam,Munich,San Diego, Sidney, Tokyo, Toronto; first published U.S.A. 1986, mentions Paolo Galli as: “Leader in the high yield polypropylene adventure, considered one of the ten most important discoveries in the last 50 years, one of those that has revolutionalized man's way of living, …… the only Italian one."
"Paolo Galli, the 1970-80s, research leader and spiritual driving force at the Ferrara Research Center."
The force of basic science on the advance of technology,..." ; Prof. Paolo Galli, in the 1970s-80s research leader and spiritual driving force of the Ferrara Research Center .

3. The Rebirth of polypropylene: Supported Catalysts
How the People of Montedison Laboratories Revolutionized the PP Industry.
by Edward P.Moore, Hanser Publishers, Munich; Hanser / Gardner Publications, Inc., Cincinnati. 1998.: "A spectacular revolution occurred in the polypropylene industry in te 80s and 90s... That revolution came about from an incredible series of technology breakthroughs that occurred in the Montedison labs. One leader was part of these developments from the start, and is the one who most likely provided the difference between mediocrity and the greatness actually achieved: Prof. Paolo Galli... As director of the Ferrara research center he insisted on the means of reaching the goal: understanding and controlling the fundamentals (1976). Inspired by those directives, in combination with the confidence arising from their partecipation in the Natta legacy, the people of the ME labs rose to to heights beyond their most optimistic dreams, and, by 1982 brought about the first stage of the revolution described here. It appears that Prof. Galli furnished the vision that drove the research to such unexpected and rewarding achievements.

4. HERMAN MARK MEDAL CEREMONY, Wien, November 11, 1998 - Professor Paolo Galli, Winner. Prize motivation: "[Professor Galli has been awarded this medal] for his outstanding contribution in the development of the materials. Professor Galli has been, above any doubt the person that, after and together with Ziegler and Natta has given the most authoritative contribution to the advancement of the polyolefin technology in general and to polypropylene in particular.
Today in the world, when one speaks of polypropylene, it is identified with him."

5. THE AMERICAN PLASTIC ACADEMY AWARD, Chicago, June 2009; motivation for the Induction to the PLASTIC HALL OF FAME: "Professor Galli stands as a giant in the development of polyolefin catalyst technology shared only by the distinguished Mssrs. Ziegler and Natta.
His invention and implementation of efficient catalyst systems led to the expansion of applications for polyethylene and polypropylene resins." "PLASTIC NEWS" June 22, 2009, PLASTIC HALL of FAME -NPE 2009- Show Edition: "Now Galli 72, is entering the Plastic Hall of Fame. He is described as one of the three giants of polyolefins, along with Natta, who first polymerized PP and Germany's Karl Ziegler, who developed new early catalysts to make PE."

6. GIULIO NATTA AWARD 2005, Ferrara. The Scientific Committee's motivation: "Paolo Galli has contributed in an outstanding way to the development of polyolefins applied and used in many fields for the benefit of better life.
Professor Galli is proposed to be honored for the development of high mileage catalysts and their industrial application in advanced technologies to generate polyolefin materials for a broad range of applications.
Leader in the development of the entire polypropylene adventure in the last four decades. Creator and leader of the new Giulio Natta Research Center, whereby he took an obsolete and peripheral research center, scheduled to be shut down shortly, and turned it to a world- renowned center for research and innovation, the undisputed leader in the chemistry and technology of the polyolefins.

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B) Industry Development - Managerial Activity
During his scientific and industrial career professor Galli has contributed to the industry of the polymer materials as a whole, providing the foundation of novel basic research disciplines, opening new scientific frontiers and conceiving and planning the industrial development and successful commercialization of new industrial projects.
Professor Galli reorganized and re-launched the Ferrara Montecatini-Montedison R&D Center, otherwise destined to close down, starting a unique polymer science and technology revolution that dramatically transformed the entire polymer industry in the following 50 years.

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