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Professor Paolo Galli
is considered one of the most influential
scientists in the industry of plastic materials
and related technology.

He is one of the most successful figures in the
opening of new frontiers in the polymer
science and applications in the last 50 years.
Curriculum Vitae
Born on August 29, 1936 in Bassano del Grappa (Italy).
Studied at the University of Padua and graduated in Industrial Chemistry in 1961.
On January 1st, 1962 he started his career as a researcher at the Montecatini Istituto Ricerche Idrocarburi in Ferrara.In the years 1964-66 he has conceived and developed to the industrial scale the proprietary Montecatini EPDM rubber process.
In 1966 he became Director of Engineering Research and Pilot Plants.
In this position he conceived a novel approach in the study and the basic understanding of the Heterogeneous Catalysis, mastering a breakthrough in the polyolefin catalyst and process technology, leading to the revolutionary discovery in 1968 of the high mileage, high performance catalysts for the polymerisation of olefins. In the years that followed, the new catalyst became the foundation for a set of entirely novel and revolutionary processes for the polymerisation of the olefins: “Spheripol” for polypropylene, ”Spherilene “for polyethylene, “Catalloy” for polyolefin alloys. In the book “Breakthrough” by P.R. Nayak and J.M.Ketteringham (Rawson Ass. New York,1986) Paolo Galli is referred as:
“The leader of the polypropylene adventure, one of the ten most important discoveries of the last 50 years, one of those that revolutionized man's way of living.....and among these, the only attributable to an Italian national.”
From October 1969 until December 1975, Prof. Galli was Director of Basic Research, Catalyst,Process, Product and Application Development for all kinds of polyolefins: Polyehylene, Polypropylene, Polybutene,Polymer Alloys and Elastomers.
In 1976, Prof. Galli was asked by the management of Montedison to make a proposal for the drastic reorganisation of the Ferrara Research Center which would have otherwise been shutdown shortly after. Under Prof. Galli's leadership, Montedison's Research Center in Ferrara quickly established a reputation worldwide as a global leader in polyolefins research, and during those years the center was dedicated (pursuant to the suggestion and initiative of Prof Galli) to Prof. Giulio Natta.

On November 1st 1983, Prof. Galli was appointed Managing Director of Dutral SpA, a new company created to develop and commercialize the E.P.M.and Elastomers.
On July 1st 1985, he became Senior Vice President of Technology for Himont, the Hercules - Montedison joint venture based in Wilmington, Delaware,the world leader for the development and commercialisation of Polypropylene and Polyolefin Alloys.
On July 1st, 1989, Prof Galli was further promoted to the role of President of the Research and Technology Development of the entire Corporate Montedison Group of Companies: Materials, Pharmaceutics, Specialty Chemicals.
On May 1st, 1995, following the establishment of Montell Technology Company, a joint venture between Montedison and Shell Petroleum, Prof. Galli was appointed President for the Montell Technology Company with the responsibility to manage the company's R&D, Patents, Licensing and Catalyst Production Activities.
On 1st May 1999 he became Honorary President of Montell Technology Company, the company he himself desired, created and developed. This Company's assignment is the acknowledgement for the care in his activity, the role he held world-wide and the prestige he earned everywhere.

As "Technology Ambassador" of the Company he continued to represent and to promote the world-wide techno-scientific image of Montell / Basell Research, a position he kept until December 2005.

Since January 2006 he acts as technology Managing Director of FasTech Technology Company, a company operating in the field of polymer and rubber industry. Prof. Galli serves as a consultant and advisor on research and technology matters to various companies world-wide; he often sits as member of such companies scientific advisory boards. Among them to be mentioned the Borealis STAB- Science and Technology Advisory Board and the Nova Chemicals one .
In addition throughout these years Prof.Galli was an active promoter of the scientific co-operation between academics and industry, and has held a number of academic positions covering the following disciplines: Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Bologna from 1962 to 1965; Professor of Industrial Physical Chemistry at the University of Bologna from 1966 to 1968;Professor of Macromolecular Chemistry at the University of Ferrara from 1969 until 1998.
Paolo Galli has issued over 30 patents among which 15 are key patents in the field of Heterogeneous Catalysis and macromolecular Chemistry.
He has received numerous awards and acknowledgements on behalf of the most prestigious Scientific Institutions and Academies all over the world.