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Professor Paolo Galli
is considered one of the most influential
scientists in the industry of plastic materials
and related technology.

He is one of the most successful figures in the
opening of new frontiers in the polymer
science and applications in the last 50 years.
Main Official Aknowledgements
During his scientific and managerial activity he has published over 100 original works and deposited over 35 fundamental patents.

He is the author of numerous publications and scientific books, considered fundamental for scientific and technological relevance.

All this has contributed to make Prof. Galli one of the most requested speakers relators in the major worldwide conferences in the field.

He has received in particular the following high official acknowledgements on behalf of the most prestigious scientific and technological institutions and organizations at a world-wide level:

1) Rome, 1962: Winner/classified first among all the young Italian national igraduates in scientific disciplines, in a national public examination organised by the CONFINDUSTRIA.
2) Boston, May 1995: Winner of the “Outstanding 1995 Achievement Award” in thermoplastics and expanded materials of the Plastic Materials Division of the American “Plastics Engineers Society”.
3) New Orleans, Spring 1996: Special acknowledgement for the scientific contribution due to the development of the New Polyolefin technologies. Such an acknowledgement was presented by the “Chemical Market Resources” during “Flexpo 1996” Conference.
4) Portomaggiore, September 1996: Special award “Federico Bernagozzi” assigned for the scientific activity carried out in chemical research in Italy and the world.
5) New York, October 1996: Free Honorary Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at the “International University Studiorum Superiorum PRO-DEO” representing the most important Universities in North America.
6) Florence, September 1997: awarded titles of “Knight of Sacro Romano Impero” and “Knight of Tau of San Giacomo di Altopascio” in acknowledgement of the innovative scientific discoveries.
7) Florence, March 1998: Special acknowledgement as “Member of the Academy of the Georgofili for scientific careers.
The Academy, that is the most prestigious and the oldest in the world, awards such an acknowledgement to eminent Italian and foreign personalities. The Presidents of the U.S. Jefferson, Madison and Monroe are examples of eminent foreign personalities who had been given the award of member of the Academy.
8) Wien, November 1998: presented the “Hermann F. Mark” medal. This prestigious award is reserved exclusively to scientists having world-wide fame for their fundamental scientific contributions in Macromolecular Chemistry.
The prize motivation of “Hermann F. Mark” was the following:
On November 11th, 1998, in Vienna, Professor Paolo Galli was awarded with the Herman F. Mark Medal in recognition of "his outstanding contribution in the development of the materials.
The medal was presented to him by Dr. Einem, Austrian Minister of Science.
Statement of the Coordination Committee has been :

"fur besondere Verdienste
auf dem Gebiet der Polyolefinforschung,
insbesondere der Katalyse"

More in particular the statement of the Coordination Committee was:

"Professor Galli has been above any doubt the person that after, and together with, Ziegler and Natta has given the most significant and authoritative contribution to the advancement of the Polyolefins Technology in general and to Polypropylene in particular. Today in the world, when one speaks of polypropylene, it is identified with him."

(Dr. Hans J. Kaluza, Dr. Norbert Rozsenich, Prof Dr. Otto Vogl, Prof. Dr. Rolf Mulhaupt, Prof. Dr. Otto Hinterhofer, Dr. Dieter Freitag et al)

9) Rome, December 1999: awarded the Membership of the European Academy for Social and Economic relations for his contribution, with his own work, to the evolution of knowledge respecting the principles of morality, honesty and civil sense.
10) Bayer-Leverkusen,June 2002 : awarded with the Bayer Silver Medal in Krefeld-Uerdingen for his excellent performance and fundamental achievements in materials research.
11) Ferara, May 2005: Giulio Natta award for the Scientific Research and the Technology Innovation, in Ferrara, “in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the discovery of the revolutionary very high performance catalysts and processes “ .
12) Chicago , June 2009: awarded with the most prestigious North American Science and Technology acknowledgement: the induction to the HALL of FAME for the Chemistry, becoming the second Italian after Prof. Giulio Natta to receive this award.(Att.2)
13) Saint Petersburg, March 2012: elected member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences as “Foreign Member of the Academy”. The Russian Academy of Sciences is extremely selective in the election of the members; Paolo Galli is the only Italian elected as Foreign Member of the Academy.